Q. How will my order be delivered? 

A. All the goods listed on our website will be delivered via Air Mail.

Q. What is Air Mail delivery? 

A. Air Mail delivery is a cheap, safe way of sending goods in small packets from China. Packets are first delivered by truck from China to Hong Kong, and then entered into a special registered Air Mail system at the Airport.

Q. How long will take my order to arrive?

A. Overall your package shouldn't take more than 21-40 days to arrive, after dispatch from our supplier’s warehouse (allow up to 3 days for dispatch, after QC inspection and packing, depending on item/s and quantity).

Q. In which countries do you ship your products?

A. We ship our products in 36 countries located on 4 continents see details bellow:

We ship to EU, EEA and countries in the Single Market:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland

We also ship to the following countries based on other continents:

United States
New Zeeland

If your country is not on our list please contact us prior to order. We will do our best to help.

Q. I made a large order but not all the items have arrived yet?

A. We work with 5 independent factories located in Asia. Each factory has their own product range and if you ordered more than one item, than it is very possible your order to be shipped from two or more different factories. However, sending the orders separate also help you to avoid inconveniences like: waiting for items that may take a little longer to be delivered together. Rest assured all your items will arrive.

Q. My order has been dispatched, how can I track my order?

A. If you have ordered an item through our promotional (£0.00 per item) offer please note that sometimes we cannot offer a personal tracking number for your item as the postage fee, depending on your location will definitely be much higher. However, all items ordered on our website will be monitored on our system and will require a signature on delivery.

When a traking number is provided you can track your Air Mail shipments online at https://www.17track.net/en.

When the parcel arrived in your country please check our list of national post offices offering online tracking of the goods. 

Australia: https://auspost.com.au/

Austria: https://www.post.at/  

Belgium: http://track.bpost.be/

Bulgaria: http://www.bgpost.bg/

Canada: https://www.canadapost.ca/

Croatia: http://ips.posta.hr/

Cyprus: http://ips.cypruspost.gov.cy/ipswebtrack/

Czech Republic: https://www.postaonline.cz/

Denmark: http://www.postnord.dk/

Estonia: https://www.omniva.ee/ 

Finland: http://www.posti.fi/ 

France: http://www.chronopost.fr/

Germany: https://www.deutschepost.de/ 

Greece: https://www.elta.gr/

Hungary: https://posta.hu/

Iceland: https://www.postur.is/

Ireland: https://track.anpost.ie/

Italy: https://www.poste.it/

Latvia: http://www.pasts.lv/

Liechtenstein: https://www.post.li/

Lithuania: http://www.post.lt/

Luxembourg: http://www.trackandtrace.lu/

Malta: http://www.maltapost.com/

New Zeeland: https://www.nzpost.co.nz/

Norway: https://www.posten.no/

Netherlands: http://www.postnl.post/

Poland: https://www.poczta-polska.pl/

Portugal: http://www.ctt.pt/

Romania: https://www.posta-romana.ro/

Slovakia: http://tandt.posta.sk/

Slovenia: https://www.posta.si/zasebno

Spain: http://www.correos.es/

Sweden: http://www.postnord.se/

Switzerland: https://www.post.ch/de

United Kingdom: https://www.royalmail.com/

United States: https://tools.usps.com/

Q. Why do you give your products away for free?

A. One of our goals has always been to make great jewellery attainable for everyone and we are able to offer this as part of our promotional offer.

Q. Are your promotional items actually free?

A. Yes, all we ask is for customers to cover postage and packaging fees when we are running promotional offers.

Q. Are there any other costs I need to pay?

A. We only ask customers to cover the small shipping costs of £7.99 GBP converted in their local currency, to ship their item. There are no other costs, now or in the future.

Q. How can you offer free products?

A. We work with 5 major factories based in Asia. Ordering vast amounts of products every week, allows us to get the lowest possible price/production and through agreements we have in place with our suppliers, even to send their over stock items for free around the world for people to see their great craftsmanship reflecting into the high quality of their goods. We also have special rates with our logistics partners which ensure we keep shipping and packaging charges to a minimum.

Q. Can I order more than one free gift product?

A. Yes, you can order as many products as you like as long as you note that we charge our shipping fees per each individual product.

Q. Where will my order be dispatched from?

A. All orders are dispatched from our third parties warehouses in Asia, this allows us to skip out any unnecessary overheads and pass on our discounts directly to customers.

Q. Do you sell my details to any other companies?

A. We are a Limited Company registered and based in UK and we value your trust. Your personal details will never be sold to third parties.

Q. What is a pre-order?

A. Our temporarily out of stock free gift jewellery qualify for pre-order. We offer the opportunity to pre-order temporarily out of stock or limited edition items.  By placing a pre-order with Victoria Shop you will ensure that your size or your desired item will not become out of stock once the item is restocked. Simply put, a pre-order is an order you can make for a new item before it is in stock and available for delivery.

Q. How long does it take Victoria Shop to restock?

A. Our third party suppliers restock their products within 7 days. When the item come back in stock, you will receive an email from us confirming that your pre-ordered item is available.

Q. Do you require the shipping fee prepayment for pre-ordered items?

A. Yes. In order to place a pre-order, we process the shipping fee payment for pre-ordered item(s) in the same manner as we process the shipping fee payment for in-stock items.

Q. Can I cancel or modify a pre-order?

A. Absolutely! We have a no-hassle policy toward pre-orders cancellations. If at any time prior to your items shipping you wish to cancel or change your order simply email us at support@victoriashop.co.uk or call us at +4401642284542, Monday to Saturday 09:00-20:00. Closed Sundays and public holidays. 

Q. What if I order Multiple Items? Will the in-stock items ship immediately?

A. Our in stock items ship from our third party factories located in Asia within 3 days. Pre-orders items ship as soon as they are back in stock, no later than 7 days.  

Q. How safe is it to order on your site?

A. We offer the use of a secure server and industry-standard encryption technologies when transferring and receiving customer data exchanged with our site server.

 All supplied sensitive debit/credit card information are transmitted via secure technology and then encrypted into our payment gateway provider’s database, using a secure connection. When we collect the postage and package fee from you, we use a secure third party service to process the payment and do not keep a record of your credit or debit card details in our systems. For more information please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

Q. How can I obtain a catalogue with Victoria Shop products?

A. We don't have a catalogue with hundreds of items to choose from and dozens added every week, it would be impossible to keep up to date if we did. Instead we put all our energy into providing you with a website where you can browse each of our categories and shop 24 hours, 7 days a week. 

Q. Is the shipment insured?

A. Yes, Victoria Shop will guarantee against delivery exceptions and damage in transit. Lost parcels in transit are rare with this systematic, professional service, and goods are packed securely by our third party suppliers. 

Q. When do you refund my shipping fee for my lost in transit order?

A. Here at Victoria Shop we have a strong and reliable policy in place for lost parcels. All our refunds for the lost in transit parcels will be automatically initiated between 60 to 65 days from the date your order was shipped out. 

Q. Can my order surpass the delivery estimate time and why?

A. Yes. China Post international parcels actually go through a network called Global Postal Union. The members of this union are postal companies or post ministry of different countries and most of the countries in the world belong to this union. China Post Air Mail parcel to Canada for example, might go through Japan, Korea, and USA or directly to Canada (the route change everyday depending on shipping space and traffic situation, circumstances beyond our control). If the parcel transits through third countries other than directly flights from China to Canada, the parcel might be delayed.

Q. Do I have to pay import taxes?

A. Whenever you are importing, you may be liable for duties or taxes when the goods arrive in your country's Customs. The rules are different in every country and we advise you to check in advance. In countries with strict Customs regulations, shipments arriving in Postal packets typically experience fewer clearance delays / charges than courier shipments. 

Q. What kind of items can go through Air Mail option?

A. Any of the items you see listed on http://victoriashop.co.uk/ can be shipped to you / your customers by Air Mail. However, there is a total weight limit per package of 0.5kg.

Can I use Victoria Shop's Air Mail delivery for blind Drop Shipping?

Yes, Victoria Shop offers dropshipping (delivery direct to your customers) for no extra fees. The package does not refer to Victoria Shop so your customers will remain loyal to you.

Q. Does Victoria Shop provide business to business solutions?

A. Almost daily we are contacted by entrepreneurs interested in B2B solutions and services. If you are interested in any B2B services (like Drop Shipping or Wholesale) with our company please email us at office@victoriashop.co.uk describe your interest and proposition and one of our sales managers will contact you in 48 hours.