About Us

About us

Victoria Shop is a global jewellery provider that offer top quality jewellery for free! Coming from a marketing background and entrepreneurial field when Andreea Shaw founded Aqolade.Ltd in 2013, launching https://victoriashop.co.uk/ website she set out to do business, setting out a new concept and innovatory system offering free high quality jewellery to people located around the world. Our marketing plan is clean, accurate and simple; it has been always like that, based on innovatory system, completely different from any rusty way of understanding the business concepts. We are a Limited Company registered and located in UK formed by pioneers and innovators and we are unique in what we do and what we offer.

Before we came to work with our jewellery artisans, we had to sift through so many shoddy factories and unscrupulous business personas but we continue to believe.  We did not have any real contacts in the manufacturing side of the industry so we had to do all of our initial research, which took us almost three years of intense work.  We remember interviewing company after company, contacting over 600 suppliers located around the world until we finally founded 5 highly trustful factories located in Asia which soon became our business partners and allies.

How Everything Started?

After we agreed to produce samples with our potential supplier, one of our representatives flew to China to meet the owner of the factory. He distinctly remembers taking the train from Hong Kong into China by himself.  Standing at the Hong Kong station, he waited for an announcement of the train to Guangzhou. But they never announced the train in English, so he just followed all the Americans and European business personas and took a leap of faith that he was on the right train. He realised now how stupid that was, but really the entire trip placed him out of his comfort zone.

He was travelling into a Communist country by himself to meet a new supplier without an escort or translator.  Luckily, he arrived safe and the business meeting was fine… except that the products was not exactly what we wanted!  Some might think that we did not need to send somebody to Hong Kong to see the products personally, but when it costs for postage and package every time over £1000 for products just to be deliver from one end of the glob to UK + all the import taxes and from £6 to £20 for each product to be deliver from UK to our international end consumers, a plane ticket cost £900, it made more sense for us to spend a little bit more to get more done.  We still thought of spending so much money on courier fees as a waste of time and resources. Our brilliant representative returned to Hong Kong that evening and started to work on a plan B. Good job we all came from a marketing background otherwise we would never have managed.

Visiting Factories

Our representative visits were always timed to coincide with trade shows in Hong Kong.  Taking part to those shows our representative has met many new suppliers and five from hundreds of them became our business partners.  For us ultimately it was a combination of intense research and face-to-face meetings with potential manufacturers, which cemented our base of stable suppliers and way of doing businesses today. For our representative attending trade shows at the beautiful Hong Kong Convention Centre was a very productive use of his time as he was able to see most of the products and supplier’s lines in one space rather than travelling all over the countryside in China and he picked for us the best companies.

They were always extremely courteous and excited to have potential clients which represent British companies visiting their offices, allowing us to get the lowest possible price/production and even to send free items around the world for people to see their great craftsmanship reflecting into the high quality of their goods.  So, we finally came to arrangements with our suppliers for all the goods to be sent directly to the end consumer allowing us today to offer free high quality jewelleries just for the package and postage fee.

Get It Done

How we came to have our first products produced is another example of our general philosophy to just get out there and get it done.  We knew how we wanted our product to look like so our representative went in search of people to make it for us. We see many entrepreneurs who invest years in their projects and never even get to launch their businesses. We didn’t want to go on that path. We could have stayed at home and waited to have samples delivered to our doorstep.  But we decided to see what else was out there and roam around in Asia sourcing. 

Without contacts, without a guide, but tasked with an important goal, we knew we had to find the suppliers and manufacturers who could make great quality free jewellery and put us on the path of being a real company.  There was only so much we could do on our computer. We had to get out there and discover it on our own. Today we offer wonderful jewelleries around the world working in this sector to the full capacity.

Our main aim is to keep the personal touch that many online jewellery shops seem to lack these days. We like to keep traditional values of customer service whilst still embracing the new digital world giving everyone the chance to choose amazing free gift jewellery. Our email, phone number and business address is everywhere on the site and our customer service welcome anyone who may have any queries to contact us.