At Victoria Shop we are committed to the ideals upon which our company was founded. The following core values have served as the pillars for our growth and success.

Our Integrity: The Victoria Shop name was built on a foundation of trust. Our reputation for providing high quality free jewellery has earned us the trust of our customers and our people. Preserving that public trust and confidence is of paramount importance to us. Ultimately, this responsibility affects every aspect of our business.

Our Zero Prices: Our zero prices are the cornerstone of Victoria Shop. By keeping our prices zero without compromising on the quality of our products we’re able to make our jewellery available and affordable to everyone. Luxury free jewellery delivered to people based on four continents, that’s the bottom line.

Our Little Extra: Whether it’s your instant free gift or a chance to participate in a raffle, we always believe in offering that little something extra to delight our customers. And we do so without compromising on the quality of our products. We have learnt that delighting our customers creates loyalty and our customers always return.

Our Heritage: We are proud of our roots. Coming from a marketing background and entrepreneurial field we set out to do business setting out a new concept and innovatory system offering free high quality jewellery to people located around the world.  We strive relentlessly to constantly improve ourselves – our people, our products and our services and to become recognized as the world’s premier free jewellery supplier.